The tail sections. A SuperSport tail used the OEM or stock seat. This makes it softer and more comfortable. The SuperBike tail takes out the OEM seat and it is replaced by a seat support, seat pan, and an adhesive seat foam. This allows for more feedback from the bike.

Here is a set of general instructions on mounting our bodywork.

Click here to download a PDF file.

Industry leading fiberglass/kevlar and special resin. Originally created to withstand rocky impacts on lightweight racing kayaks, our specially formulated resin provides superior flexibility and weight savings. This resin also forms the best available bond with common fiberglass repair kits, giving you the most durable repairs possible should you ever need to fix your bodywork.

Simply put, no. However Armour Bodies comes with an industry leading urethane primer that needs only a light scuff and is ready for paint. This not only leads to a beautiful finish but also saves in preparation time so your painter will love you for it.

Assuming your bike is currently being used in racing, we are most likely working on it. Shoot us an email to be sure though.