About Us

This site is for Armour Bodies Canada.  All pricing and information is relevant only to our Canadian customers.  Canadian customers can phone 519-475-9055 or email bluestreakinfo@gmail.com 

For all customers in the USA, please contact Woodcraft at 978-297-2977 or email info@woodcraft-cfm.com
For all international inquiries, please email info@armourbodies.com and we will get you information on pricing and shipping costs worldwide.

Armour Bodies has and continues to strive to make the best possible products. Since our inception, we have been known for our excellence when it comes to fit, finish, flexibility, integrity, and light weight. Simply, Armour Bodies is the best and has been recognized as such the world over.

But don’t take our word for it, Road Racing World conducted a test comparing all of the major bodywork companies at the time. When it was all said and done Armour Bodies, at the time only 3 years old, was declared the best.

Just like the sport of road racing itself, this is a fast-paced and ever-changing, evolving, and growing industry. We are thrilled that we have had the pleasure of being a part of it, and we are looking forward to many more successful years.

Thank you to all our customers, race teams, dealers, and distributors; you have made it possible for us to continue to bring the best that we have to any and all. From the Armour Bodies team, at home and abroad, we thank you.